RSI mining philosophy

  1. Company business building is aimed at and based on several investment trends specialising in cryptocurrency mining.
  2. Mining farm and technology ownership creates a basis for a continuing progress of the company's business as we expand it systematically and increase net profit from all business trends.
  3. Usage of software modules which give us new technological opportunities to do mining as cloud hosting, which is how we can steadily increase the computing power.
  4. Restructuration of business trends to maximise the efficiency of financial flows and to secure continuing economic presence of our company on those investment trends.
  5. Creating events aimed at continuing qualification growth for our employees as well as socialisations of our business regarding current trends in collective interest consolidation.
  6. Offering opportunities for external investors from around the world to use fruits of our teamwork, working side by side with the hardware mining and getting stable profit.

Unique opportunity, which we offer
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Hardware ASIC mining technologies
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No need to buy computing power or
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About company

RICH AND SUCCESS INFINITE COMPANY PTY LTD is, first of all, 5 five years of independent hardware mining of primary cryptocurrencies and a continuous growth of company turnover work efficiency. Starting from 2012 when the core of the future RSI company built its first mining farm in a rented warehouse in suburbs of Chunzin and to the present day, when the company has shaped like a full player on the mining pool market and is the owner of five mining farms. We have gone a far and complicated way and received knowledge and experience to the extent that allowed us to begin the development of own software programs that control mining processes and help optimising participation of our pool equipment. We use unique energy-saving technologies, employ the cutting edge mining methods and continuous upgrade of our technological equipment are our real advantages which increase our profit as the popularity and cost of cryptocurrency reserves increase.

We are looking into the future with a high certainty because our business is protected for decades ahead as we do not invest our money only in the cryptocurrency mining, which is our primary business trend. The other business trends also gain profit and, thus, restructure our financial flows and potential risks. This is why cooperation with a modern, technologically and technically equipped company, which the RSI is, is your stability and profit, guaranteed by the best solutions for hardware mining of cryptocurrency reserves in the world.