The Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Service


1. Principal terms


1.1 These Terms and Conditions of Service are the basis for regulation of the relationship arising between RICH AND SUCCESS INFINITE COMPANY PTY LTD of Pitt St, 123 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Sydney (the "Company") and the Client under this Agreement (the "Agreement") and international legal norms and regulations unless otherwise specified below.

1.2 Any private individual of 18 years old or above who has registered on the official website (the "Website") becomes a Client of the Company and automatically become a party to this Agreement.

1.3 Liability waiver
The Company may not be held responsible for any consequences related to the Client's investment activity. The Company may not act as an insurance guarantor for the services it provides or related actions.

1.4 By creating a personal account on our website (the registration process), the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood this Agreement and accept and agree to it in full.

1.5 The Client acknowledges that they make investments voluntarily using their funds and may not make any claims to the Company in case the interaction process has not reached the desired effect during the investment period.

1.6 The Company may alter or modify this Agreement at any time without prior notice or negotiations with the Client taking into consideration the interests of the majority or guarding the Company's interests.


2. Rights and obligations of the parties


2.1 The Company must ensure the Website works correctly and for the benefit of the Client and must also provide information and consulting services to the Client.

2.2 The Company must keep all collected client personal data in confidentiality and must not disclose it to third parties under any circumstances.

2.3 The Company must provide the update when necessary the most advanced technological solutions aimed at making Website usage by the Client as well as any data transfers within it safe and secure.

2.4 The Company guarantees stable accumulation of the interest on the investment offers for the Client.

2.5 The Client must keep their login details in a safe and secure place and must not disclose them to any third party.

2.6 The Client must not use any SPAM technologies and guarantees that they will not use any other malware or harmful programs of any kind under any circumstances.

2.7 The Client must show loyalty to the Company and take reasonable and weighted decisions. Any disputes which may arise between the Company and the Client must be resolved through negotiations, which includes employing available means of communication.

2.8 The Client must offer correct, accurate and actual personal details to the Company, including their payment details.

2.9 The Company has the right to accept investment funds into asset management scheme which the Client has voluntarily provided for these purposes and which have been formed and activated by them making a deposit using Company's software. The Client determines the amount of the invested funds.

2.10 The Client has the right to use all website functions, make investments, gain profit, gain profit by receiving partner rewards and also by using the Leadership program.

2.11 The parties to this Agreement agree not to disclose particulars of their cooperation to third parties and consider such collaboration as a private contract.


3. Payouts, accumulations and deposit withdrawal


3.1 A deposit which has not expired before its due date is an active deposit. All deposits which remain functioning may not be withdrawn before their expiry date.

3.2 All interest payouts for the Client's investment occur only through the payment system that was used to create this investment.

3.3 Partner reward payouts occur only through the payment system which the Client's referral used to create their deposit.

3.4 In case the Client's referral has created another deposit using the balance of a previous one with fewer than $25 on it; the Client does not receive the partner reward.

3.5 Processing and payment of funds may take up to 48 astronomic hours.

3.6 The Client may not create more than one personal account. In case the Company establishes a fact of one having multiple accounts, all individual accounts will be blocked, and funds will be returned to the Client except for the amount which has been paid already. The Client will be permanently blacklisted for any future business with the Company.

3.7 The Client acknowledges that they are informed about specific investment offers containing a necessary compounding function, fixed permanently at 100%. It is impossible to change or cancel the compounding mode before the offer correctly expires.

3.8 The Client agrees to the fact that after they have created a deposit, they may not change the investment plan except otherwise specified by individual investment offers.


4. Referral and Leadership program Terms and Conditions


4.1 Only a Client registered on the Website may enjoy bonuses and advantages of the Referral and Leadership programs.

4.2 The Company has the right to alter or modify any clauses of the Referral of Leadership programs without giving prior notice to the Client.

4.3 The Client has the right to create deposits using their account balance using their partner reward.

4.4 Partner reward is paid to the Client's account of the inviting party (the Sponsor) automatically and using the currency of the system their referral formed their investment with the Company.

4.5 Any Client may receive a status within the Leadership program as specified in its Terms and Conditions.


5. Responsibilities of the parties


5.1 the Company may not be held responsible for glitches in the Website's work if they were caused by a force majeure or any other circumstances beyond the Company's control.

5.2 The Company may not be responsible for the accuracy or correctness of how the Client comprehends the information on the Website. All information displayed on the Website is for informative purposes only and may not be considered as advice to take a particular course of action.

5.3 The Company may not be held responsible in cases when the Client provided incorrect payment details on the website during their registration or when the Client has made incorrect changes to such information on their own using their account settings.

5.4 The Company may not be held responsible for any losses, or inconvenience suffered as a result of faults in the payment systems which the Client uses to withdraw their funds to make an investment.

5.5 The Company may not be held responsible for any losses which the Client may suffer as a result of them using the Website.


6. Final clauses


6.1 The Client acknowledges the fact that they are aware of the fact that the investment process may not guarantee identical results at different times.

6.2 The Company has the right to suspend the Website in case of a force majeure taking place at the Company's location or at that of the Client.

6.3 All modifications of alterations or changes to this Agreement come into force automatically the moment they have been included in this Agreement.

6.4 All Website pages are covered by these Terms and Conditions of Service in the same way as any clause or paragraph of this Agreement which regulates parties' interactions or the investment process.